BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GROUP, SRL. It arises in the year 2002 before the existing need in the market to provide reliable outsourcing services, supported at the same time by a Vanguard technology, which assures our clients a level of Quality exceptional. In the same way, the exigencies emanated in the labor environment every day more increasing, of attracting and retaining Human Resources of high caliber, as well as the high level of competitiveness, the continuous processes of changes at global level and the eagerness to reduce fixed costs, they are the main reasons that give meaning to our existence.


Our reason for being is to exceed the expectations of companies and people who consume our products and services by providing solutions of extraordinary Quality.

We are committed to increasing competitive advantages, adding value to the service, with a Dynamic, Receptive, Integrity and Vanguard approach.


To occupy a market leadership in the area of Business Technology and Organizational Development, increasing the business effectiveness, and the Quality of life of the people.


As service providers and products, we strive for an intense cooperation between the client and our work team, integrating us under the same scheme, and thus providing a better relationship in the pursuit of common goals and seeking to develop long-term business relationships. That goes beyond the punctual support.

Our work philosophy is aimed at offering added value in terms of a competitive differentiation strategy that exceeds customer expectations, by providing benefits that allow it to be more competitive.


We believe in COMMITMENT with the achievement of QUALITY and customer satisfaction, fostering business relationships based on INTEGRITY, TRUST and ETHICS, anticipating needs and finding solutions that integrate CHALLENGE and INNOVATION.

The Melerich Cohn Lois Foundation, Inc. is a Foundation dedicated to protecting the rights and welfare of Dominican Children.

Directed by professionals of law and psychology, is oriented to provide advice to children and family members in a state of vulnerability, acting against the State Organisms that can guarantee their well-being.